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Soulflow - passion through painting

with Line Heggelund

'I've found my flow and put one foot in front of the other in the pursuit of authentic passion and purpose.'

Line Heggelund


Do you know your «Why»? The belief or purpose that inspires you to do what you do? Do you notice the little things that impact the big things you care about? Have you found your natural rhythm? Do you put your feelings and thoughts into action? Ignite your creativity and find your passion –set things in motion: pick up a brush and colour your day.


Getting into the soulflow

Creativity is a muscle, and, like any other muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. It is natural for people to be creative and we all have access to a vivid imagination.

People often perceive creativity to be something external, an inherent talent or an exclusive right for a chosen few, which makes it hard for them to tap into their full potential. But in the right atmosphere and with the right inspiration EVERYONE can tap into the creative flow that runs through all of us!

This week is about the passion for creativity itself. Ignite your imagination, set your inspiration on fire, disrupt your habitual thinking patterns and challenge yourself to change your perspective while having lots of fun in the process. So be aware that this painting course is not focusing on techniques or making a professional artist out of you but it will unleash the creativity within you.


Is this week for me?

Yes! Picasso would agree. He worked all his life to get rid of what he was taught, seeking the simplicity of a child's drawing. So if you have no experience in painting but love colours and shapes, please join in! And if you do have had training and you’d love to learn how to tap into your creativity in an unconventional way, than this week is also for you. Because it's more about the art of creating and investigating your creative powers than the image on the canvas.


What are we going to do?

Painting workshops are half day, the rest of the day is for relaxing, trekking, reading a book in a hammock or sunbathing while you let the feelings and insights sink in. There is time to reflect, relax and recuperate from life’s treadmill that distracts us from what is important. Or you can do absolutely nothing. Italians do it all the time and they have a term for it: Il dolce far niente, indulging in sweet idleness.

Midweek there is a day off, so you can go on a city trip to Lucca, Pisa or maybe spend the day at the beach. And if people are interested we’ll run our famous pasta workshop.


About Line Heggelund:

‘I'm an artist, mom, horsewoman, self-made entrepreneur and creative coach. I enjoy life on a small eco-friendly B&B farm on the Norwegian countryside together with my family, dogs, cats, chickens and a herd of horses. In the summer my days are mostly spent outside in nature, appreciating the season, taking care of our guests, building something, growing stuff and shovelling horse poop. In the winter I paint, write, cook, dream and plan the next summer projects (while shovelling snow and more horse poop).

For the past several years I've been paving my own road, learning new things by trying and failing, living fully, and taking on new challenges as they come.

People often ask where I get all my energy from. The answer is simply this: I use my imagination and creativity on a daily basis. I visualize, trust and follow my intuition, do what I love and love what I do. I've found my flow and put one foot in front of the other in the pursuit of authentic passion and purpose. Every. Single. Day.  


The location

The Villa is on top of a hill near olive groves and woods ideal for hiking and there is a limited bus service to the lovely town of Pietrasanta where famous artists live. The tranquil atmosphere and the authentic hospitality in this 17th century family home make this retreat a heaven on a hill.

Your accommodation is homestay -like. You'll have a single room with shared bathrooms. The meals are something to look forward to and are prepared with fresh vegetables and home grown extra virgin olive oil and based on recipes that have been prepared in this household for generations. We dine with a glass of wine and if we feel like doing so, we’ll have dinner under a large tree.


How do I get to Capriglia?

The nearest airport is Pisa and some low cost companies like Transavia and Ryanair fly directly from Amsterdam while Easyjet, Ryanair and British Airways fly directly from and to the UK. And Norwegian flies into Pisa from Oslo, but you might consider a stopover in London with one of the other budget airline if flights are full or expensive.

Once you have booked with us, we will send you further travel details.



€ 895 (with tax)
for workshops and materials, 6 nights in a single room with shared bathrooms and all meals. Travel costs, personal expenses and insurance are not included in the price.
Sharing a room gives a 10% discount.
22 - 28 August 2016

Thanx! I'll answer shortly

Line Heggelund

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